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Get 50% or up to RM5,000 MSME grant with AutoCount
*Limited quota only

You are entitled to get 50% or up to RM 5,000 of the grant when you purchase new solutions from AutoCount.

AutoCount is one of the appointed Digitalisation Partner (DP) under the MSME Digitalisation Grant 2024 initiative for SMEs.

Eligible Products

Applicant Eligibility

  • The company is at least 60% owned by Malaysian.
  • The company registered under SSM/ PBT. 
  • The co-operative registered under Suruhanjaya Koperasi Malaysia (SKM)/ Lesen Professional.
  • Company/ co-operative that has a minimum annual sales turnover of RM50,000.
  • Company/ co-operative that has operated at least six (6) months.
  • Not eligible for those who received Digitalisation Matching Grant before. 

Required Document

  • Complete application form.
  • Copy of Identity Card or Passport of Director(s) / Partner(s) / Proprietor(s), co-operative representative whichever is applicable.
  • Copy of business registration licenses (SSM or other relevant forms) under the Companies Act 2016. SKM registration certificate for co-operative.
  • Company’s bank statement for the last two (2) months OR audited financial report OR latest account statement.
  • Invoice/ billing from authorized Digitalisation Partner like AutoCount.

Application Workflow

Why AutoCount?


AutoCount allows personalization for layout, user defined fields, customizable reports and more. It integrates well with other AutoCount solutions.


Business can upgrade the software or add on modules anytime when the business expands.


We understand you! Without any accounting knowledge, you can start using AutoCount software to manage your daily business data easily.


AutoCount has most of the solutions you need for Accounting, HR & Payroll, POS, cloud POS, and marketplace solution.

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