The Edge - AutoCount e-Invoice Solution Launch and Seminar

AutoCount e-Invoice Solution Launch and Seminar

AutoCount e-Invoice Solution is now officially launched, with the launching event held on April 5, 2024, in MBSA Convention Centre Shah Alam, and engaged more than 1300 participants to attend and learn more on the solution.

In the launch event, AutoCount also invited En. Muhammad Najib Bin Abd. Razak, Eksekutif Hasil Kanan II, from the Tax Operations Department of LHDNM, to share his insights on the implementation of e-invoice. Along with well-known Auditor, Tax Agent, and Chartered Accountant, Mr. Chin Chee Seng from CCS & CO PLT to delve into the essence of e-Invoice.

Both speakers have shared several valuable insights on coming LHDN e-Invoice implementation during the sharing session. En. Muhammad Najib provided an overview of e-Invoice, explanation on MyInvois system and its mechanisms, along with some general and specific guidelines on e-Invoicing, transactions, as well as available support channels from LHDN for various users.

On the other hand, Mr. Chin covered a range of topics including an introduction to LHDN e-Invoice, the types of taxpayers involved and updated implementation dates, and some info on technology used for e-Invoice process. He also discussed on related mandatory fields and special fields in e-invoicing preparation, helping attendees understand what information is expected to be filled and the unique usage of optional special fields.

Additionally, Mr. Chin explored transactions among buyers and sellers, sharing multiple scenarios as examples for the different e-invoice preparations, such as consolidated or self-billed invoices, he also explained on e-Invoice catalogue and guide, providing information on document identification codes, including invoice code, credit note, debit note, refund code, and invoice currency code.

An interactive session between Mr. Chin and AutoCount serves as a live demonstration on how the e-Invoice solution is going to be, including how to easily generate e-Invoice with the solution, along with standard functions which fulfils basic e-Invoice requirements, as well as unique function within AutoCount e-Invoice Solution.

With AutoCount demo on the e-Invoice solution, it illustrated the e-invoice flow in the system and provides attendees with a clear picture of what to expect during implementation. There are also some engaging activities and giveaway at the event site, with special solution promo for attendees, along with collaborative partners from Maxis and Maybank exhibited onsite to showcase their offer for business users.

As LHDN e-Invoice implementation and AutoCount e-Invoice Solution successfully launched, AutoCount is committed to organize additional nationwide events to meet the needs of our users and ensure the public stays informed about the framework and specifications of invoicing. Stay tuned for more exciting events coming your way and be sure to follow us on our social media channels for all the latest updates.