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A hybrid cloud accounting software that gives SMEs the competitive edge in this borderless world

What Is AOTG

Keep tabs on your business anytime no matter where you are

AutoCount On the Go (AOTG) is the 1st hybrid cloud accounting system in South East Asia, and it is an add-On service to AutoCount Accounting. It offers the flexibility to access your AutoCount Accounting data anytime, anywhere like a cloud system, at the same time gaining full ownership control over the data by hosting it at your own server machine. Also comes together with mobile apps where users can run it on smartphones or tablets.

Top 5 Features


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Hybrid Cloud Accounting

AOTG is a mixture of on-premises accounting software and cloud services, wish to run a cloud system but worry about data ownership issues? AOTG gets it all done! AOTG is a hybrid cloud system which allows easy access to your company data anytime, anywhere, taking advantage of cloud system benefits at the same time allowing you to have full control over your own data. Beside this, it is built on the Microsoft Azure. There are many security features implemented by Microsoft Azure to secure infrastructure and your data.

Compatible To Any Device

With any internet browsing devices such as laptop, desktop PC, smartphones or tablets, you can use AOTG to access your company data within clicks! There is no need to invest in a powerful machine to make use of AOTG. You can even use it on any of the smartphones that you owned!

AutoCount AOTG Logo
AutoCount AOTG Logo

Simple Setup, no IT knowledge required

Setting up AOTG is simple, and it can be done within 10 minutes. There is no extensive IT or networking knowledge required to setup and configure IP settings, port forwarding, DDNS, firewall exceptions. Just run our AOTG installer and setup your AOTG account then you are good to go.

“Virtual” Personal Assistant

Wish to check on the price of your products or stock balances? Want to know your customer purchase history? Get it all done without any checkup calls or personal assistant with AOTG! AOTG has the capability to check important information which you might need on your day to day business operation. Not limiting itself to just product pricing, balances or history, AOTG offers more such as aging, collection details and more!

AutoCount AOTG Logo
AutoCount AOTG Logo

Optimizing and Streamline Business Processes

With AOTG, you can make sure your salesman able to track and perform any sales processes efficiently, from preparing Quotations, process orders, or even billing customers. Additionally, AOTG also has a self-ordering feature which allows your customers to place the order directly, access to own invoices and even statements.

To Who

How AOTG benefit to my company?

Decision making is one crucial thing a business owner or managers must make. AOTG provides a wide range of reports with the flexibility to filter, sort, group as well as dashboards features with real-time data analysis. With all these ready, decision-makers can know the overall performance of the company immediately, and decision making has been made easy.

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What are the suitable functions?
  • Dashboard feature with summary data tabulated in Graphs and Charts.
  • It provides comprehensive and extensive selection range of analysis reports.
  • Check on important information such as product pricing, stock balances and more.
How does it help you?

Act as a virtual assistant, providing business owner to check information whenever they want. Dashboard and reports are always available to know the company performance. The flexibility of organizing reports including Grouping, Sorting, Filtering and more which assist business owners in decision making.

What are the suitable functions?
  • Sales feature to handle sales transactions, from Quotations, Orders till Billing.
  • Aging and statement to track and monitor customer payments.
  • Check on customer purchase history.
How does it help you?

Increase efficiency in handling overall sales operation. There is no need to be in the office to draft Quotation and able to confirm orders and bill immediately. Aging and statement allow the salesman always get updated with the customer latest information even when they are travelling elsewhere regularly.

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What are the suitable functions?
  • Built-in with a self-ordering feature for your customer to place the order directly to your system.
  • Able to access own Invoices, Statements and Aging reports.
How does it help you?

Reduce manpower processing, less effort, and less cost. There is no need to assign staff to key in orders anymore as the orders already there and just waiting for confirmation. Also reduce finance workload as your customer can access to view, print or save their invoices and statements.


Find a Perfect Solution for Your Business

AOTG (Hybrid Cloud)
Platform Window based + Cloud Based Cloud Based
Features Comprehensive Comprehensive Accounting functions which is GST compliance and features advanced functions such as multi-location, multi UOM, filter by agent and so on. Limited Suitable for Micro SMEs or light users with limited features.
Database Ownership Stored at your own HQ server Users have full control on their database. Stored Online Users have very limited control on their database. The data is handled by Data Centre.
Service Termination Impact High Data Retrievability Data is retrievable as it is stored user's end. Low Data Retrievability Limited or no access upon termination of subscription.
Data Recovery Auto-backup Auto-backup is enabled after a one-time set up on regular scheduled backup. Auto-backup The data will be backed up automatically by the system.
AOTG (Hybrid Cloud)
Remote Access
Platform Window based + Cloud Based It is an on-premises accounting software which enables the on-premises users to go online. Cloud Based Users can use Window Remote to access on-premises database.
Devices Any device with Web Browser and Internet The users can access on-premises database using any devices. Preferable Desktop and Laptop The users can access their on-premises database. However, it is recommended to access using Desktop or Laptop.
Display Layout Responsive Layout The layout changes based on the size of the device. Non-Responsive Layout The screen will only be displayed in a Desktop or Laptop view.
Installation and Maintenance Simple Configuration can be done within 5 minutes as it is only a small installation of the program on server. Complicated Complex installation and configurations (Required many configurations and settings of fixed IP, DDNS, port setting, VPN and Printer.
Security High It is built on the Microsoft Azure. There are many features implemented by Microsoft to secure Azure infrastructure and customer data. Low Higher chance of getting cyber attacks such as Virus, Ransomware and Hackers.
Stability High Unaffected on Windows Update. Low Affected by Windows Update. As it relies on third party service (Software VPN, DDNS).

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