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Astonishing Front-End Features

Beside fascinating standard features and reports, you may customize the system to meet your unique requirements of operation and report.

  • Price checker
  • Sales Return of items with serial number/warranty control.
  • Batch items with expiry date control .
  • Weighing Scale (with/without barcode).
  • Trade-in, return, refund, exchange items.
  • Item package or item template

Manage Prices, Discount & Promotions

Pricing matter is crucial in retail business. That’s why AutoCount POS is equipped with features and functions for you to plan your prices, discounts, memberships, seasonal or happy hour discount, specific promotions etc.

Better Managed Ordering Process

For retailers who accept ordering and deposit before delivery, AutoCount Retail POS will be a great helper with its practical design and easy to setup/use. You can also:

  • Create/print Sales Order with detailed items description and status of payment and delivery.
  • Process multiple partial payment and multiple partial delivery.
  • Control the amount of deposit should be collected before partial/full delivery.
  • Produce/view reports of outstanding/completed Sales Order (delivery and payment).
  • Auto recognize and generate Invoice upon completion of sales cycle .
  • Integrate with AutoCount Accounting for posting of deposits and sales entries.

Maintain Strong Ties With Valued Customers

In AutoCount POS system, you may track a customer’s purchases history and behavior and may roll out appropriate rewarding scheme and better manage valued customers with scheme such as Loyalty program, Membership system or simply study customers’ buying pattern and roll out promotional activities.

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