Show Current Account Book Control File Full Path

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Show Current Account Book Control File Full Path


At Manage Account Book windows, go to Account Book Control File > Show Current Account Book Control File Full Path,



Show full path01



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By default, the AutoCount will create the Account Book Control File (A2006.dmf) and keeps it at:

 C:\ProgramData\AutoCount\Accounting   (for Windows Vista), or

 C:\Documents and Setting\All users\Application Data\   (for Windows XP).


Go to the path, and you may see two files,

(1) The Configuration file (A2006.config): when starting the application (AutoCount Accounting), this file will tell the system where is the Control file (A2006.dmf) being located;

(2) The Control file (A2006.dmf): this file records information, including the location of database server and the account books being attached. This file is important as it tells the application (AutoCount) where to look for the database (in which server?) so that the application users can access the attached account books. In network environment, the control file (.dmf) could be kept in a shared folder on database server, which is accessible by all workstations.





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