As long as internet is accessible, AutoCount Cloud Accounting provides the latest up-to-date accounting reports & financial status whenever & wherever you access them.

  • Customers: Mr. Kannan Jogulu, CEO/ Principal Consultant
  • Industry: Accounting, Education, Training and Consultancy
  • Location: Johor, Malaysia
  • System: AutoCount Cloud Accounting

Introducing AHC Training & Consultancy, founded by Kannan Jogulu, a consultancy firm that provides business support & solutions for SME around Johor for the past 15 years through accounting software sales & training.

For many years, the consultancy firm has been selling on-premises computer-based accounting solutions to SME businesses where they must install an accounting software manually on the client’s computer. Sometimes, they have to spend more time installing and configuring processes on multiple computers for a client when more than 1 person is working in the accounting system to enable mutually sharing and viewing the latest data.

Besides setting up an accounting process for their clients, Kannan has found that time efficiency is very crucial for SMEs. Compared to other traditional accounting software, most of them serve their purpose, but it didn't exceed Kannan's expectations until he met AutoCount Cloud Accounting. Shifting towards cloud-based accounting programs from desktop software enabled his firm to expand its operation quicker and serve a larger target audience through virtual business support, thanks to the growth of cloud-based applications like AutoCount Cloud Accounting.