AutoCount Cloud Accounting fully supporting KAB Gold accounting process, from accounting entries to recording inventory and stock in/stock out.

  • Customers: KAB Gold
  • Industry: Gold Trading
  • Location: Malaysia
  • System: AutoCount Cloud Accounting

KAB Goldynamics Sdn. Bhd, previously known as Goldynamics Marketing Resources Sdn. Bhd founded in July 2017, minting and supplying Syariah compliant gold and silver bullions and coins in Malaysian market with their main motto: ‘Knowledge, Asset, Bullion’.

As KAB Gold growing over time, the need of speeding up business process becoming more and more evident. Previously, KAB Gold processed entire accounting process in their own system, which almost similar to just manual processing, in which data entry are often time consuming to process, and if added with a few careless mistakes, it might affect and even slow down other operational processes.

After learning the availability of AutoCount Cloud Accounting through recommendation and also from social media, KAB Gold eventually selected AutoCount Cloud Accounting as their business accounting solution. And now, AutoCount Cloud Accounting fully supporting KAB Gold accounting process, mainly usage including recording inventory and stock in and stock out, and KAB too finds it easier to generate stock report and manage cash flow, with innovative user control to limit each party access to maintain security.

KAB Gold now enjoys a faster and efficient process with minimum crosscheck and entries required by utilizing AutoCount Cloud Accounting, eventually eliminate the need of staff overtime for accounting process.