When comparing with other software, AutoCount Accounting promotes the best time efficiency capabilities and time saving.

  • Customers: CCS & Co. (Chartered Accountants)
  • Industry: Accounting and Consultancy
  • Location: Malaysia
  • System: AutoCount Accountant Set

CCS & Co. specializing in accounting, auditing, taxation, business & human resource advisory services throughout Malaysia since 2004. With serving local SMEs as their core activity, CCS & Co. discovers most SME facing challenges in tax reporting process, especially during the period when Malaysian government announced the implementation of GST, with no experience in handling new tax structures, it worries many of the local SMEs operators, as error in reporting will eventually results in fine and penalty. Eventually, with AutoCount solution, the worry is of no necessary.

Besides tax reporting, time efficiency is always crucial for accounting firms, which CCS & Co. found that AutoCount, when comparing with other software, promotes the best time efficiency capabilities, with the amount of time saved, accountants can now focus more effort on understanding client’s needs, including checking for any mislooked entries and provide necessary consultation.

To further enhance user experience, AutoCount reporting is also customizable with multiple templates, along with interactive interface which allows users to analyse and find out the source of the data.