AutoCount comes with Real-Time Collaborative Access, giving businesses collaborative privileges for users accessing from different location to the same database and platform.

  • Customers: SC Wong & Co. (Chartered Accountants)
  • Industry: Accounting and Consultancy
  • Location: Malaysia
  • System: AutoCount Cloud Accounting

Meet Wong Seng Chee, owner of SC Wong & Co, a chartered accounting firm registered with the Malaysian Institute of Accountants. The tax consulting firm based in Petaling Jaya offers a wide range of financial services such as accounting and tax payroll training and services for companies and individuals.

As a founder of the company and a trainer himself, Wong has always been finding a better alternative to enhance and improve his hands-on training courses. He eventually stopped looking around when he encountered AutoCount Cloud Accounting. Due to the pandemic, not only it is difficult to conduct psychical training, but it is also difficult to find an accounting software which is compatible to various devices that his clients and students are using.

With Auto Count Cloud Accounting, SC Wong & Co manage to tackle all the problems above seamlessly and further enhance its client’s user experience by having all inputs, billings, postings, and reports generated instantly for their clients. Receiving all these important data from different locations and levels but to the same database and platform.