AutoCount Accounting comes with flexible plug-ins which can be customized and designed to suit different organizations’ requirements.

  • Customers: Titi Eco Farm Resort Sdn Bhd
  • Industry: Agriculture and Hospitality
  • Location: Malaysia
  • System: AutoCount Accounting V2

Located in Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan, Titi Eco Farm Resort is an integrated farm consists of 3 sectors, including organic farming, in-house products manufacturing and eco resort, which managed as 3 companies respectively. It is not until GST implementation in Malaysia which their usual practices of manual invoicing, recording, and checking added burden to the accounting process of Titi Eco Farm Resort.

However, with Titi Eco Farm opt for AutoCount Accounting as their solution, it astonishingly automates the whole accounting process, especially with flexible plug-ins which can be customized and designed to suit different organisation. Head of Admin and Account, Ms. Chensy Chan from Titi Eco Farm found that inter-posting plug in-sync serve as a very useful feature in their scenario, which allows them to sync debtor, creditor, and items to multi companies, allowing entry in one company to be able to sync into the others without the need of repeating the process.

Secondly the multi-dimensional report designing feature in AutoCount Accounting also allows her to make meaningful report which focus on crucial data. In Chensy’s opinion, AutoCount Accounting is also an ideal solution for new entrepreneurs with minimum experience in business and accounting, which the solution cover most of the operating requirements and entrepreneur can more focus more intensively on business development and marketing activities.