Accounting 1.X & POS 3.X End-of-Life

Announcement: Accounting 1.X & POS 3.X End-of-Life

Auto Count (hereinafter as we) would like to announce that AutoCount Accounting 1.X and AutoCount Point of Sales (POS) 3.X will enter its End-of-Life phase on 31/03/2023. This means that after 31/03/2023, there will be no more bug fixes, mandatory enhancements such as SST requirements or software updates for Accounting 1.X and POS 3.X.

As AutoCount Accounting 1.X and POS 3.X series have been in the market since 2006 and the technology applied is no longer sufficient to support future development. Users are encouraged to upgrade into a newer generation system - Accounting 2.0 & POS 5.0, as all our functions and features are built based on latest technology for better user experience with additional features which could benefits you.

For further information, you may refer to our FAQ attached. If you are interested in such upgrade, feel free to contact your sales representative for suitable upgrade package.