Why Should You choose AutoCount POS 5.0

Faster & Friendlier Setting

Faster and Friendlier Setting
  • Manage POS options setting of all terminals at server (setting at terminals are not needed)
  • Backup & Restore POS frontend configuration (cater for immediate restoration in case of hardware failure)
  • Terminal Personalisation in payment method (e.g., Credit Card, Debit Card, Custom Payment), menu layout, as well as special plugins

Better Security

Faster and Friendlier Setting
Use of thumbprint device (to minimize the use of username and password) to:
  • Clock in/out (time attendance)
  • Login terminal
  • Login Supervisor access
  • Unlock screen

Additional Payment Methods

Faster and Friendlier Setting
  • Custom Payment - create any new payment method accepted by a terminal, such as foreign currency and 3rd party e-wallet.
  • Integrated e-Wallet - fully integrated with ipay88(Alipay, Boost, GrabPay, Maybank QR, PrestoPay, ShopeePay, TouchnGo, WeChatPay), which covers most of the popular e-Wallets used in Malaysia

Stronger and Faster Synchronization

  • New Sync method - more reliable and supports larger volume of POS transaction sync from multiple outlets.
  • Sync faster - POS 5.0 new Sync method has improved at-least 50% in sync performance.
  • New FrontEnd DB - which contributes to stronger and stabler synchronization.

Richer Reports

Richer Reports
  • Total Discount Report - to compare and analyse the total amount discounted in each type of discount.
  • Item Package Sales Report - to analyze the sales of packaged items.
  • X & Z Report - to show greater details in daily sales summary.
  • Close Counter Email Notification - business owner to get notified with daily sales summary upon closing counters.
  • eDashboad - is an app (for IOS/Android) allows users to view sales summary reports anywhere anytime.

Others Enhancements

Enhanced POS Voucher Maintenance
POS Voucher Maintenance

Support import of non-sequential voucher no, Auto detect voucher type upon scanning valid voucher no. during payment.

Enhanced Print Barcode
Print Barcode

Support print barcode at frontend with price plan and different locations different prices.

Enhanced Fast Menu Maintenance
Fast Menu Maintenance

Automatically search and load image from stock item maintenance when creating fast menu (including Item Group and Item Type)

Price Checker
Price Checker

Support Android OS price checker (including single item promotion)

Scan & Detect
Scan & Detect

Frontend terminal may create transactions by scanning the barcode of Member, Debtor or Promoter.

OS 5 F&B

Specially designed for the food and beverage industry, also supports mobile order apps (eWaiter).

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