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Install Sample Account Book - Download and Install From Web


At Manage Account Book windows, click on Install Sample Account Book,


A Sample Account Book Installer will be prompted,



Install sample 01



Click to select Download and Install from Web.




Install sample 02



Click to select Mobile Phone Trading Sdn Bhd




Install sample 03



The Download From path and Save To path are automatically set.  Just click on Download.



Install sample 04



Download in progress......


The Restore Wizard is prompted upon completion of download.



Install sample 05



Restore the data in this PC: select this option if you want to create the sample account book on your local machine. You need to have installed SQL Express before restoring.

Restore the data in any PC: select this option if the sample account book is to created in another networked machine.


Click on Next.



Install sample 06



Click on Finish and the system will start the restoring.



Install sample 07



Upon completion, a message 'Install sample account book successfully' will be prompted.

Click on OK.



Check your database folder at C:\AutoCount Data, the following database folders are created:







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