2010-12-14  ver 1.5.28

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(Updated to version 1.5.028)


New Topics


1.Comparison: AutoCount Basic vs Express Series
2.Version Released: v15026 - v15027 DBv10922
3.Version Released: v15028 - v15028 DBv10923
4.New Features & Tips: 15027 Reset Foreign Currency Revaluation
5.New Features & Tips: 15028 Withholding Tax
6.New Features & Tips: 15028 G/L Posting Options




Updated Topics


1.Comparison: AutoCount Invoicing vs Express Invoicing
2.Comparison: AutoCount Account vs Express Account
3.Module: Multi-Dimensional Price Book






1.This version of help file is updated to AutoCount website on 14 Dec, 2010.





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