2012-05-18  ver 1.5.39

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(Updated to version 1.5.032 ~ 1.5.039)


New Topics


1.New feature & Tips: 15032 Barcode Editing in Express editions
2.New feature & Tips: 15033 Show Unit Price in Multi-Dimensional Purchase Analysis
3.New feature & Tips: 15033 Tax Export Country for IRAS
4.New feature & Tips: 15034 Canceled Status in Document Item Transaction Listing
5.New feature & Tips: 15034 Item Package Purchase Price
6.New feature & Tips: 15034 Serial Number Quantity Not Match Inquiry
7.New feature & Tips: 15034 Date field in Multi-Dimensional Analysis
8.New feature & Tips: 15035 Reset Negative Stock To 0
9.New feature & Tips: 15035 Price Category Item Code
10.New feature & Tips: 15035 BOM Finished Goods Cost column
11.New feature & Tips: 15036 New License Feature
12.New feature & Tips: 15036 Check Database Error Before Backup
13.New feature & Tips: 15037 Import From Excel - Item Price Book
14.New feature & Tips: 15037 Enable Auto Popup in Item Lookup Edit
15.New feature & Tips: 15038 Bank Slip Preview and Print
16.New feature & Tips: 15039 Bonus Point Merged with POS
17.New feature & Tips: 15039 Bonus Point Decimals
18.New feature & Tips: 15039 Extra Discount Amount
19.New feature & Tips: 15039 Search Debtor/Creditor by Address
20.New feature & Tips: 15039 Maximum Document Number Control
21.New feature & Tips: 15039 Standard Selling Price 2
22.New feature & Tips: 15039 Item Package Purchase Subtotal
23.Version Released: v15035 - v15038 DBv10929
24.Version Released: v15039 - v15039 DBv10930



Updated Topics


1.Multi-Dimensional Analysis
2.Item Package
3.Serial No.
4.Item Price Book Maintenance
5.Bill of Material
6.Module Setting
7.Controlled by License Code - for version on/after 1.5.022
9.Import From Excel
10.Bank Slip
11.Bonus Point
12.Options > Invoicing > Bonus Point
13.Options > General > Decimals
14.Footer Maintenance
15.Debtor Maintenance
16.Creditor Maintenance
17.Document Numbering Format Maintenance
18.Stock Item Maintenance
19.Options > Invoicing > Cash Sale






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