- 1 -


Icon13218 Item Search: Google-like search
Icon13218 Login Option


- 6 -


- A -


A/P Analysis By Document Report

A/P Credit Note Analysis Report

A/P Credit Note Entry

A/P Debit Note Analysis Report

A/P Debit Note Entry

A/P Deposit Entry

A/P Invoice Entry

A/P Menu

A/P Monthly Purchase and Payment Analysis Report

A/P Payment

A/P Refund Entry


A/R Analysis By Document Report

A/R and A/P Contra Entry

A/R Credit Note Analysis Report

A/R Credit Note Entry

A/R Debit Note Analysis Report

A/R Debit Note Entry

A/R Deposit Entry

A/R Invoice Entry

A/R Menu

A/R Monthly Sales and Collection Analysis Report

A/R Receive Payment

A/R Refund Entry


IconAbout AutoCount Accounting

Access Rights

Account Book and Database

Account book registration

Account Code Format

Account Details Report

Account Inquiry

Account Maintenance

Account Type Maintenance

Activity Stream

IconActivity Stream
IconActivity Stream
Icon13506 Activity Stream

Adding New A/C Type

Advanced Financial Report

Advanced Multi Currency

Advanced Multi UOM

Aging and Statement

Aging report

Air Freight Invoice

Air Freight Item Maintenance

Air/Road Freight Job

Allow edit

AP Document Numbering

Application Settings

Area Maintenance

Area Maintenance_2

Assembly Order Processing

IconAssembly Order Processing
IconAssembly Order Processing

Assembly Order Request Processing

Assembly Request Processing

Assign Access Right

assign credit card

Attach Account Book

IconAttach Account Book
IconAccount book - Create Account Book vs Attach Account Book.

Audit Trail

Auto Price

auto-convert item price

AutoCount Forum

AutoCount XP / Premier 3.5

Auto-detect Setuo File

Automatic UOM Conversion

Available Serial Number Inquiry

- B -


Balance Sheet not balance

Balance Sheet Statement

Bank account not appeared in Bank Reconciliation

Bank Book Analysis

Bank Reconciliation

IconBank Reconciliation
IconBank Reconciliation - How to start ?
IconHow to start Bank Reconciliation?

Bank Slip

Bar Code

Basic Filter

Basic Multi UOM


Batch Number Transaction Inquiry

Bill of Material

Blank alternate page


BOM Listing Report

BOM Material Usage Inquiry

BOM Optional

Bonus Point

IconBonus Point
IconInvoicing > Bonus Point

Bonus Point Account Maintenance

Bonus Point Redemption

Bonus Point Transaction Listing Report


Budget Maintenance

Business Flow

- C -

C/N Type Maintenance

Call Type Maintenance

Cancel document

IconCancel Document
IconEdit document - How to Cancel document ?

Cancel Purchase Order

Cancel Sales Order

Cannot open database

Cannot open database A893478

Cash Book Entry

Cash Flow Forecast

Cash Flow Forecast Report

Cash Flow Statement

Cash Purchase

Cash Sale

IconCash Sale
IconInvoicing > Cash Sale

change account code

IconChart of account - How to change account code ?
IconHow to change account code?

change account code format

IconChart of Account - How to change account code format ?
IconHow to change account code format?

Change Account Number

Change Branch Code

Change Code

Change Currency Code

Change Department No

Change Item Batch

Change Item Code

Change Item UOM

Change Location

change opening stock

IconOpening stock - How to change the value of Opening Stock ?
IconHow to change the value of opening stock?

Change Project No

Change Purchase Agent

Change Sales Agent

Change special account type

Change User ID

Check BOM Material Inquiry

Check Item Package Detail Inquiry

Cheque Listing Report

Clear Cache and Criteria Data

Closing Stock posting

Column Filter

Column Functions

Commission By Collection Report

Commission Item Rate Maintenance

Commission Plan Maintenance

Common Function in Report Screen

Common Function in Transaction

Company Profile

Comparison: AutoCount Account vs Express Account

Comparison: AutoCount Basic vs Express Series

Comparison: AutoCount Invoicing vs Express Invoicing

Connection Problem



Contract Listing Report

Contract Maintenance

Contract Type Maintenance

Controlled by Batch No

Controlled by License Code after15022

Controlled by License Code before 15022

Controlled by USB Key

Copier Model Maintenance

Copier Service Maintenance

copy chart of account

copy chart of account from other account book

copy database

copy user

Create Account Book

IconCreate Account Book
IconAccount book - Create Account Book vs Attach Account Book.

Create/Edit/View Document/Transaction

Credit Control

IconRemote Credit Control
Icon13506 Credit Control in Cash Sale

Credit Limit Increment Percentage

IconCredit Limit Increment Percentage - what is it ?
Icon13320 Credit Limit Increment Percentage by User

Credit Note

IconCredit Note

Credit Term Maintenance

Creditor Aging By Agent Report

Creditor Aging Report

Creditor Balance Report

Creditor Maintenance

Creditor Statement Report

Creditor Type Maintenance

Critical SQL Exception

Currency Maintenance

Current Fiscal Year

Current User Settings

Customer Price List Report

Customer Service Maintenance

Customize Invoicing

Customize Invoicing2

Customize Main Menu

- D -

D/N Type Maintenance

Data Entry By Past Records

IconData Entry By Past Records - What is it ?
Icon13219 Data Entry By Past Records

Database compressed







Iconv15012 - v15017 DBv10919
Iconv13506 - v13511 DBv10919



Debit Note


Debtor Aging By Agent Report

Debtor Aging Report

Debtor Balance Report

Debtor Collection By Agent Report

Debtor Collection Report

Debtor Maintenance

Debtor Statement

Debtor Statement Report

Debtor Type Maintenance


Default Accounts

default cash sale customer

Default Debtor & Creditor

Default Journals

Delete Account Book

IconDelete Account Book
IconAccount book - Delete Account Book vs Detach Account Book.

Delivery Order

Delivery Request Processing

Delivery Return


Department Maintenance

Depreciation and Net Book Value Report

Detach Account Book

IconDetach Account Book
IconAccount book - Delete Account Book vs Detach Account Book.

different versions of AutoCount Accounting in a same PC

disallow print invoices

Discontinued item

DMF files

Document Control

Document Control2

Document Numbering Format Maintenance

document transfer

IconInvoicing > Document Transfer
IconHow to differentiate Partial and Full Transfers by colours? 
IconDocument transfer - How to know where have a document been transferred to ?

Download and Install From Web

Download Link

Drag and Paste


- E -

ediit document

Edit Account Book

edit Invoice transferred from DO

Edit Master Data

edit transferred document

enter opening balance

enter opening balance - GL

Entitlement Rate Maintenance

Exit & Log out

Expired Item Batch Listing Report

Export Account

Export GL/AR/AP Data

Export Master Data

Export Sales/Stock/Purchase Data

Export Stock

Express Invoicing

- F -

Fail to install MSSQL Server

Fail to install SQL

File CRC Error during restore

File Menu

Filter By Salesman

First Time Start

fiscal year

Fixed Asset Disposal Entry

FOC item

FOC Quantity

FOC Quantity Analysis By Document Report

Footer Maintenance

For GL/AR/AP Transaction

Foreign Currency Revaluation

IconForeign Currency Revaluation
IconAdvanced Multi Currency

Forgot Admin password

Forgot Password

Functional Buttons

Further Description

- G -


G/L Menu

G/L Posting

Gain/Loss on Asset Disposal Report

General Functions

General Ledger

General Maintenance Menu

General Stock Setting

Getting Started

Global Price Change

Goods and Services Tax

Goods Received Note

Goods Return

goods returned of Cash Sale

Google-Like Search


GST updates

IconGST updates in
Icon13506 GST Updates
Icon13321 GST updates

GST Updates2

- H -

Help file

IconGeneral > Help File
Icon13502 Context Sensitive Help

Help Menu


How to register an account book

- I -

Import & Export

Import All Data

Import Data

Import From Excel

Import Multi Dimensional Price Book Rule

Import Stock Item

Import Third Party XML

Import Third Party XML Data

Inactive item


Inquiry Menu


Install AutoCount Express

Install From A Specify Folder

Install From AutoCount CDROM

install plug-ins

Install Sample Account Book



Installing AutoCount Accounting



Inventory Physical Worksheet

Inventory Physical Worksheet By Consignment


Invoice Listing

Issuing Invoice

Item Batch No

Item BOM Maintenance

item opening balance

Item Opening Balance Maintenance

Item Package

Item Package Maintenance

Item Package Transaction Inquiry

Item Price Book Maintenance

Item Price by Currency Maintenance

Item Price by Location Maintenance

Item Search

Icon15012 Item Search function in Item Code selector
Icon13218 Item Search: Google-like search

- J -

Journal Entry

Journal of Transaction Report

Journal Type Maintenance

- L -

Landing Cost

IconLanding Cost
IconInvoicing > Landing Cost
IconLanding cost - How does it affect accounting reports ?

Last Year Balance Maintenance

Ledger Report

License Control

Load Data Option


lock months

Login failure

Login Option

Login To New Account Book

- M -

Manage Account Book

Manage Fiscal Year

Manage Notification Messages

Manufacturing Account

IconManufacturing Account - How to produce ?
IconHow to produce Manufacturing Account?_2

marked as Old Version

MAWB Maintenance

Maximum value

merge transactions

IconMerge transactions - of 2 different accounts
IconHow to merge transactions of 2 different accounts?

Meter Reading Transaction


Module Setting

Monthly Purchase Analysis Report

Monthly Sales Analysis Report

More Options

More Stock Maintenance

move account

move an account to group under other account type

move database

multi currency

IconMulti Currency
IconMulti currency - Purchase in SGD but pay in USD

Multi Dimensional Price Book

Multi Level Assembly

Multi Location Stock

Multi UOM

Multi-Dimensional Analysis

Multi-Dimensional Ledger Analysis

Multi-Dimensional Price Book

Multi-Dimensional Purchase Analysis

Multi-Dimensional Sales Analysis

multiple running number

My Favorite

- N -

Network Users Monitor

New Credit Terms

No description in Profit & Loss

Notification Inbox

Numbering format

IconNumbering format - for OR and PV 
IconNumbering format - Set different document numbering for each payment method

numbering format for OR and PV

- O -

OceanBL Maintenance

Online License Request

Open Account Book Control File

Open K.I.V. Folder

opening balance

IconOpening balance - GL accounts
IconOpening balance - Debtor and credior accounts
IconHow to enter opening balance for GL accounts?_2

Opening Balance Maintenance

Opening Stock item



Organize Reports Shortcut

Organize Shortcut Icons

Other Options

Out of Memory

Outstanding A/P Deposit Report

Outstanding A/P Invoice Report

Outstanding A/R Deposit Report

Outstanding A/R Invoice Report

Outstanding Consignment Report

Outstanding Supplier Consignment Report

Overdue Letter Report


- P -

Panasonic KX-1121

Payment Collection Rate Maintenance

Payment Method Maintenance


Photocopier Maintenance

Plug-Ins Manager

Pocket AutoCount

Pocket AutoCount Inquiry

Pocket AutoCount Profile Maintenance

Post To GL

Posting Account Group Maintenance

Preview Report


Price Category Maintenance

Price History Report

Price Scheme Maintenance

Print Bar Code

Printing margin problem

Product Edition

Product Specification

Profit & Loss of Contract Report

Profit & Loss of Copier Report

Profit & Loss of Document Report

Profit and Loss Statement

Program Control


Project Maintenance

Project/Department Profit Margin Report


Purchase Agent Maintenance

Purchase Analysis By Document Report

Purchase Invoice

Purchase Menu

Purchase menu not displayed

Purchase Order

Purchase Request Processing

Purchase Return

- Q -

Quantity Stock Prompt


- R -

Recalculate Stock Costing

Receipt and Payment Report


Remote Credit Control

Reorder Advice Report

Report Designer Navigator

Report Menu

Report Options

Request Quotation


Returned cheque

Returned Cheque Listing Report

- S -


Sales Agent Commission Plan Maintenance

Sales Agent Contribution Report

Sales Agent Expenses Report

Sales Agent Maintenance

Sales Analysis by Document Report

Sales Commission Report

Sales Document Rate Maintenance

Sales Location

Sales Menu

Sales Order

Sales Order Processing

IconSales Order Processing
IconSales Order Processing

Save To New Account Book Control File

Scheduled Backup


Sea Freight Invoice

Sea Freight Item Maintenance

Sea Freight Job

Security Policy

Send To Back

Serial No

Serial Number Transaction Inquiry

IconSerial Number Transaction Inquiry
IconNegative Serial Number Quantity Inquiry

Set Password

Shipper/Consignee Maintenance

Shipping Method Maintenance

Show Current Account Book Control File Full Path

show document transferred

show Total Quantity

Something wrong with display

Sorry you have exceeded 500 transaction limit


Stock adjustment

IconStock Adjustment
IconStock adjustment - Do I need to key in cost value ?

Stock Aging Report

Stock Assembly

Stock Assembly Order

Stock Balance By Location Report

Stock Balance Report

Stock Card Report

Stock Costing

Stock Group Maintenance

Stock Issue

Stock Item Inquiry

Stock Item Maintenance

Stock Item Profit Margin Report

Stock Item Type Maintenance

Stock Location Maintenance

Stock Menu

Stock Movement Report

Stock Receive

Stock Status Report

Stock Transfer

Stock UOM Conversion

Stock Update Cost

Stock value is not 0.00 when quantity is zero

Stock Value Maintenance

Stock was not updated when DO is saved?

Stock write off

Stock Write-Off

Supplier Consignment

Supplier Price List Report

Synchronize All Account Books with Database Server

Synchronize Pocket AutoCount

System Option Policy

System Requirement - Network

System Requirement - Standalone

- T -

Tax Type Maintenance

IconTax Type Maintenance
IconTax Type Maintenance

Technician Maintenance

The license file is expired.

The Main Screen

The system needs to upgrade your current account book

Tools Menu

Top/Bottom Sales Ranking Report

Transaction date is not in the maintained fiscal year range

Transactional Profit and Loss Report

Transfer of balance

Trial Balance Report

Trial Balance with BF

types of transfer and editing

- U -


Unrealized Gain/Loss

IconUnrealized Gain/Loss
IconAdvanced Multi Currency


Update Cost to Freight Job

User Defined List Maintenance

User Maintenance

- V -





























version update

version Upgrade

Versions Released

View Price

View Transaction Summary

- W -

Welcome To The Main Screen

What's New

Windows keep restarting

Windows system security

- Y -

Year End Closing

Year-To-Date Balance Maintenance

You cannot work on transaction date beyond

You can't save past document.

Your database version is later than supported database