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Icon2013-01-16  ver 1.5.45
Icon2012-06-15  ver 1.5.41
Icon2012-05-30  ver 1.5.40
Icon2012-05-18  ver 1.5.39
Icon2011-09-19  ver 1.5.35
Icon2011-05-31  ver 1.5.33
Icon2011-04-18  ver 1.5.32
Icon2011-04-11  ver 1.5.31
Icon2011-02-08  ver 1.5.30
Icon2010-12-14  ver 1.5.28
IconProduct Specification
IconComparison: AutoCount Invoicing vs Express Invoicing
IconComparison: AutoCount Account vs Express Account
IconComparison: AutoCount Basic vs Express Series
IconGetting Started
IconSystem Requirement - Standalone
IconSystem Requirement - Network
IconInstall AutoCount Express
IconInstalling AutoCount Accounting
IconFirst Time Start
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IconThe Main Screen
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IconFor GL/AR/AP Transaction
IconDrag and Paste
IconCommon Function in Report Screen
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IconMore Options
IconReport Menu
IconPreview Report
IconFile Menu
IconManage Account Book
IconCreate Account Book
IconAttach Account Book
IconDetach Account Book
IconEdit Account Book
IconDelete Account Book
IconShow Current Account Book Control File Full Path
IconOpen Account Book Control File
IconSave To New Account Book Control File
IconSynchronize All Account Books with Database Server
IconAccount Book and Database
IconInstall Sample Account Book
IconDownload and Install From Web
IconInstall From AutoCount CDROM
IconInstall From A Specify Folder
IconLogin To New Account Book
IconImport & Export
IconExport Master Data
IconExport GL/AR/AP Data
IconExport Sales/Stock/Purchase Data
IconImport All Data
IconImport Third Party XML Data
IconImport From Excel
IconImport Stock Item
IconImport Multi Dimensional Price Book Rule
IconExit & Log out
IconG/L Menu
IconAccount Maintenance
IconCash Book Entry
IconJournal Entry
IconForeign Currency Revaluation
IconUnrealized Gain/Loss
IconOpening Balance Maintenance
IconYear-To-Date Balance Maintenance
IconBank Reconciliation
IconBank Slip
IconStock Value Maintenance
IconBudget Maintenance
IconFixed Asset Disposal Entry
IconView Transaction Summary
IconMulti-Dimensional Ledger Analysis
IconLedger Report
IconJournal of Transaction Report
IconBank Book Analysis
IconCash Flow Forecast Report
IconReceipt and Payment Report
IconDepreciation and Net Book Value Report
IconGain/Loss on Asset Disposal Report
IconCheque Listing Report
IconReturned Cheque Listing Report
IconSales Agent Expenses Report
IconProject/Department Profit Margin Report
IconTrial Balance Report
IconProfit and Loss Statement
IconCustom Column
IconBalance Sheet Statement
IconCustom Column
IconAccount Details Report
IconCash Flow Statement
IconTransactional Profit and Loss Report
IconA/R Menu
IconDebtor Maintenance
IconA/R Invoice Entry
IconA/R Receive Payment
IconA/R Debit Note Entry
IconA/R Credit Note Entry
IconA/R Refund Entry
IconA/R and A/P Contra Entry
IconA/R Deposit Entry
IconOutstanding A/R Invoice Report
IconOutstanding A/R Deposit Report
IconDebtor Aging Report
IconDebtor Aging By Agent Report
IconDebtor Balance Report
IconDebtor Statement Report
IconDebtor Collection Report
IconDebtor Collection By Agent Report
IconA/R Monthly Sales and Collection Analysis Report
IconA/R Analysis By Document Report
IconOverdue Letter Report
IconCommission By Collection Report
IconA/R Credit Note Analysis Report
IconA/R Debit Note Analysis Report
IconA/P Menu
IconCreditor Maintenance
IconA/P Invoice Entry
IconA/P Payment
IconA/P Debit Note Entry
IconA/P Credit Note Entry
IconA/P Refund Entry
IconA/P Deposit Entry
IconOutstanding A/P Invoice Report
IconOutstanding A/P Deposit Report
IconCreditor Aging Report
IconCreditor Aging By Agent Report
IconCreditor Balance Report
IconCreditor Statement Report
IconA/P Monthly Purchase and Payment Analysis Report
IconA/P Analysis By Document Report
IconA/P Credit Note Analysis Report
IconA/P Debit Note Analysis Report
IconInquiry Menu
IconAccount Inquiry
IconStock Item Inquiry
IconBOM Material Usage Inquiry
IconCheck BOM Material Inquiry
IconBatch Number Transaction Inquiry
IconAvailable Serial Number Inquiry
IconSerial Number Transaction Inquiry
IconNegative Serial Number Quantity Inquiry
IconItem Package Transaction Inquiry
IconCheck Item Package Detail Inquiry
IconStock Menu
IconStock Item Maintenance
IconMore Stock Maintenance
IconItem Opening Balance Maintenance
IconItem Price Book Maintenance
IconItem BOM Maintenance
IconItem Price by Currency Maintenance
IconItem Price by Location Maintenance
IconStock Group Maintenance
IconStock Item Type Maintenance
IconStock Location Maintenance
IconItem Package Maintenance
IconStock Adjustment
IconStock Issue
IconStock Receive
IconStock Write-Off
IconStock UOM Conversion
IconStock Update Cost
IconStock Transfer
IconBOM Optional
IconStock Assembly
IconStock Assembly Order
IconStock Card Report
IconStock Balance Report
IconStock Balance By Location Report
IconStock Movement Report
IconStock Item Profit Margin Report
IconStock Status Report
IconReorder Advice Report
IconInventory Physical Worksheet
IconInventory Physical Worksheet By Consignment
IconStock Aging Report
IconBOM Listing Report
IconExpired Item Batch Listing Report
IconSales Menu
IconSales Order
IconDelivery Order
IconCash Sale
IconCredit Note
IconDebit Note
IconCancel Sales Order
IconDelivery Return
IconBonus Point Redemption
IconMulti-Dimensional Price Book
IconMulti-Dimensional Sales Analysis
IconMonthly Sales Analysis Report
IconSales Analysis by Document Report
IconProfit & Loss of Document Report
IconTop/Bottom Sales Ranking Report
IconOutstanding Consignment Report
IconCustomer Price List Report
IconPrice History Report
IconSales Agent Contribution Report
IconBonus Point Transaction Listing Report
IconFOC Quantity Analysis By Document Report
IconPurchase Menu
IconRequest Quotation
IconPurchase Order
IconGoods Received Note
IconPurchase Invoice
IconCash Purchase
IconPurchase Return
IconCancel Purchase Order
IconGoods Return
IconSupplier Consignment
IconMulti-Dimensional Purchase Analysis
IconMonthly Purchase Analysis Report
IconPurchase Analysis By Document Report
IconOutstanding Supplier Consignment Report
IconSupplier Price List Report
IconBusiness Flow Menu
IconSales Order Processing
IconPurchase Request Processing
IconDelivery Request Processing
IconAssembly Order Request Processing
IconAssembly Order Processing
IconAssembly Request Processing
IconGeneral Maintenance Menu
IconCompany Profile
IconUser Maintenance
IconAccess Rights
IconSet Password
IconAccount Type Maintenance
IconAdding New A/C Type
IconArea Maintenance
IconBonus Point Account Maintenance
IconC/N Type Maintenance
IconCredit Term Maintenance
IconCreditor Type Maintenance
IconCurrency Maintenance
IconD/N Type Maintenance
IconDebtor Type Maintenance
IconDepartment Maintenance
IconDocument Numbering Format Maintenance
IconFooter Maintenance
IconJournal Type Maintenance
IconLast Year Balance Maintenance
IconPayment Method Maintenance
IconPosting Account Group Maintenance
IconPrice Category Maintenance
IconProject Maintenance
IconPurchase Agent Maintenance
IconSales Agent Maintenance
IconShipping Method Maintenance
IconTax Type Maintenance
IconUser Defined List Maintenance
IconTools Menu
IconAudit Trail
IconReport Designer Navigator
IconChange Code
IconChange Account Number
IconChange Branch Code
IconChange Currency Code
IconChange Department No
IconChange Item Batch
IconChange Item Code
IconChange Item UOM
IconChange Item UOM Rate
IconChange Location
IconChange Project No
IconChange Purchase Agent
IconChange Sales Agent
IconChange User ID
IconPocket AutoCount
IconSynchronize Pocket AutoCount
IconPocket AutoCount Profile Maintenance
IconRecalculate Stock Costing
IconGlobal Price Change
IconPrint Bar Code
IconActivity Stream
IconManage Notification Messages
IconNotification Inbox
IconOpen K.I.V. Folder
IconPlug-Ins Manager
IconNetwork Users Monitor
IconProgram Control
IconProduct Edition
IconModule Setting
IconAdvanced Financial Report
IconMulti Currency
IconLanding Cost
IconMulti Location Stock
IconBasic Multi UOM
IconFOC Quantity
IconSerial No.
IconAdvanced Multi UOM
IconFilter By Salesman
IconItem Batch No.
IconRemote Credit Control
IconItem Package
IconBill of Material
IconMulti-Dimensional Analysis
IconBonus Point
IconMulti Dimensional Price Book
IconMulti Level Assembly
IconPocket AutoCount Inquiry
IconSales Order Processing
IconAdvanced Multi Currency
IconAssembly Order Processing
IconExport Account
IconExport Stock
IconImport Third Party XML
IconActivity Stream
IconConsolidated Financial Report
IconInstall Consolidated Financial Report Program
IconUsing Consolidate Financial Report Program
IconSet Consolidate Profile for Live Database
IconSet Consolidate Profile for Non-Live Database
IconGenerate Consolidated Report
IconTrial Balance
IconProfit and Loss
IconBalance Sheet
IconAccount Details Report
IconCash Flow Statement
IconLicense Control
IconControlled by License Code - for version before 1.5.022
IconControlled by License Code - for version on/after 1.5.022
IconControlled by USB Key
IconClear Cache and Criteria Data
IconCurrent User Settings
IconManage Fiscal Year
IconGeneral > Application Settings
IconGeneral > Decimals
IconGeneral > Account Code Format
IconGeneral > Miscellaneous
IconGeneral > Goods and Services Tax
IconGeneral > Withholding Tax
IconGeneral > Security Policy
IconGeneral > Help File
IconG/L > Default Accounts
IconG/L > Default Journals
IconG/L > G/L Posting
IconInvoicing > Auto Price
IconInvoicing > Bonus Point
IconInvoicing > Landing Cost
IconInvoicing > Customize Invoicing
IconInvoicing > Customize Invoicing2
IconInvoicing > Document Transfer
IconInvoicing > Document Control
IconInvoicing > Document Control2
IconInvoicing > Cash Sale
IconA/R & A/P > Aging and Statement
IconA/R & A/P > Default Debtor & Creditor
IconStock > General Stock Setting
IconStock > Bar Code
IconStock > Stock Costing
IconSystem Option Policy
IconWindow Menu
IconSend To Back
Icon(Opened Windows)
IconHelp Menu
IconAutoCount Forum
IconAbout AutoCount Accounting
IconAutoCount Plug-Ins
IconInstall Plug-Ins
IconAdvanced Freight
IconAssign Access Right
IconAir Freight Item Maintenance
IconMAWB Maintenance
IconShipper/Consignee Maintenance
IconAir/Road Freight Job
IconAir Freight Invoice
IconSea Freight Item Maintenance
IconOceanBL Maintenance
IconSea Freight Job
IconSea Freight Invoice
IconUpdate Cost to Freight Job
IconPrice Scheme Maintenance
IconCopier Model Maintenance
IconContract Type Maintenance
IconTechnician Maintenance
IconArea Maintenance_2
IconCall Type Maintenance
IconPhotocopier Maintenance
IconContract Maintenance
IconMeter Reading Transaction
IconCustomer Service Maintenance
IconCopier Service Maintenance
IconContract Listing Report
IconProfit & Loss of Contract Report
IconProfit & Loss of Copier Report
IconPurge Data
IconSales Commission Report
IconEntitlement Rate Maintenance
IconPayment Collection Rate Maintenance
IconSales Document Rate Maintenance
IconCommission Item Rate Maintenance
IconCommission Plan Maintenance
IconSales Agent Commission Plan Maintenance
IconSales Commission Report
IconIssuing Invoice
IconPrint BarCode
IconHow To Start
IconInstall Barcode Printer Software
IconDesign Barcode Layout
IconGenerate Barcode Template
IconModify Barcode Template
IconHow to Get Field Name
IconUse of Barcode Template
IconFAQ - Application
IconAccount Book
IconAccount book - Create Account Book vs Attach Account Book.
IconAccount book - Delete Account Book vs Detach Account Book.
IconAccount book - How to register an account book?
IconAccount book - How to set 2 DMF files with different account books?
IconAccount book - marked as Old Version
IconBackup - How to do Scheduled Backup?
IconBank Reconciliation
IconBank Reconciliation - How to start ?
IconCash Sale
IconCash Sale - Couldn't assign credit card account in Cash Sale ?
IconCash Sale - How to record goods returned of Cash Sale ?
IconCash Sale - How to set default cash sale customer?
IconChart of Account
IconChart of account - How to change account code ?
IconChart of Account - How to change account code format ?
IconChart of Account - How to copy from other account book ?
IconChart of account - How to move an acount to group under another account type ?
IconCredit Control
IconCredit Limit Increment Percentage - what is it ?
IconDatabase - How to move database files?
IconDatabase - How to copy database files?
IconDiscount - How to have discount on document ?
IconDocument Numbering Format
IconNumbering format - for OR and PV
IconNumbering format - How to maintain multiple running number?
IconNumbering format - Set different document numbering for each payment method
IconDocument Transfer
IconDocument transfer - How to differentiate Partial and Full Transfers by colours
IconDocument transfer - How to know where have a document been transferred to ?
IconTypes of Transfer and editing
IconEdit Document/Transaction
IconEdit document - How to Cancel document ?
IconEdit document - I can't change the price of invoice that was transferred from DO?
IconEdit document - I can't edit SO that has been transferred to DO?
IconEdit document - You are not allowed to ediit documents from other source.
IconEdit transaction - Allow edit A/R Invoice Entry posted from Sales Invoice
IconFurther description - How to edit font type ?
IconFiscal Year
IconFiscal year - Can I change the start/end date of current fiscal year?
IconFiscal year - How to change the Current Fiscal Year?
IconGST - How does GST work?
IconTax Type Maintenance
IconGST updates in
IconGST Updates in 1.3.5
IconInstallation - How to install AutoCount Accounting?
IconInstallation - How to install 2 different versions of AutoCount Accounting in a same PC?
IconInstall manually MSSQL Server 2005 Express
IconInstall manually MSSQL Server 2008 Express
IconItem Batch
IconItem batch - How to uncheck Controlled by Batch No usign SQL Query ?
IconLanding Cost
IconLanding cost - How does it affect accounting reports ?
IconLogin and Display
IconMenu - Why is Purchase menu not displayed?
IconRemark - How to change the Remark on login screen?
IconManufacturing Account
IconManufacturing Account - How to produce ?
IconMulti Currency
IconMulti currency - Can the system auto-convert item price according to currency rate during transaction ?
IconMulti currency - Purchase in SGD but pay in USD
IconMulti UOM
IconFOC item - setting FOC item for different UOM
IconMulti UOM - What is Automatic UOM Conversion ?
IconOpening Balance
IconOpening balance - GL accounts
IconOpening balance - Debtor and credior accounts
IconOpening stock - How to change the value of Opening Stock  ?
IconStock item - Where to view/print Item opening balance ?
IconClosing stock - How to post to Accounting ?
IconReport - AR/AP
IconAging report - Show total balance in Debtor Aging report
IconDebtor statement - How to change invoice description ?
IconReport - Sales/Purchase
IconInvoice Listing - does not show all invoices?
IconReport Design
IconReport design - How to show in Invoice the document no. (DO no.) that was transferred from?
IconReport design - How to show Total Quantity in Invoice?
IconReport Design - Item with image file
IconPassword - Forgot Admin password?
IconPrinting - How to disallow edit/preview/print invoices that were printed ?
IconSecurity - How to lock some of the months from further amendments?
IconTransaction - AR/AP
IconReturned cheque - that was cleared using other system
IconTransfer of balance - Transfer Creditor A's outstanding to Creditor B
IconTransaction - General
IconAmount - What is the maximum value of amount allowed ?
IconData Entry By Past Records - What is it ?
IconMerge transactions - of 2 different accounts
IconSales Location - What is it ?
IconTransaction - Stock
IconStock adjustment - Do I need to key in cost value ?
IconStock item - Discontinued vs Inactive item
IconStock write off - only for Weighted Average
IconVersion update - How to update version
IconVersion upgrade - How to upgrade from older version?
IconUpgrade from AutoCount XP / Premier 3.5
IconDownload Link
IconUser Setting
IconUser setting - Can I copy users and access rights setting from other account book?
IconYear End Closing
IconYear end closing - How to do Year End Closing?
IconFAQ - Trouble Shooting
IconInstallation Problem
IconSQL Server 2005 Setup unable to install
IconFailed to install SQL - other reasons
IconThe SQL Server service failed to start
IconWindows keep restarting
IconDatabase Problem
IconConnection Problem
IconUnable to attach suspected database
IconSuspected Database
IconLogin Failure
IconCannot open database
IconCannot open database A893478
IconDatabase file is compressed
IconLogin failure to all account books after server change
IconMessage - Critical SQL Exception
IconMessage - Your database version is later than supported database
IconThe system needs to upgrade your current account book
IconReport Error
IconBalance Sheet not balance?
IconProfit & Loss - No description in Profit & Loss
IconReport Design - Blank alternate page
IconReport Design - Further Description shows spaces
IconReport Design - Rich Text did not show properly
IconStock - Stock value is not 0.00 when quantity is zero?
IconPrompted Message
IconMessage - Out of Memory
IconMessage - Sorry you have exceeded 500 transaction limit.
IconMessage - The license file is expired.
IconMessage - Transaction date is not in the maintained fiscal year range
IconMessage - You can't save past document.
IconMessage - You cannot work on transaction date beyond.
IconMessage - Your Windows system security does not allow...
IconBank Reconciliation - Bank account not appeared in Bank Reconciliation?
IconCouldn't find debtor when creating invoice ?
IconDisplay - Something wrong with display?
IconPrinting - Printing margin problem with Panasonic KX-1121
IconRestore - File CRC Error during restore
IconStock - Stock was not updated when DO is saved?
IconVersions Released
Iconv15045 - v15045 DBv10933
Iconv15041 - v15044 DBv10932
Iconv15040 - v15040 DBv10931
Iconv15039 - v15039 DBv10930
Iconv15035 - v15038 DBv10929
Iconv15034 - v15034 DBv10928
Iconv15033 - v15033 DBv10927
Iconv15031 - v15032 DBv10926
Iconv15030 - v15030 DBv10925
Iconv15028 - v15029 DBv10923
Iconv15026 - v15027 DBv10922
Iconv15020 - v15025 DBv10921
Iconv15018 - v15019 DBv10920
Iconv15012 - v15017 DBv10919
Iconv13506 - v13511 DBv10919
Iconv13320 - v13328 DBv10917
Iconv13313 - v13319 DBv10916
Iconv13309 - v13312 DBv10915
Iconv13304 - v13308 DBv10914
Iconv13302 - v13303 DBv10913
Iconv13000 - v13216
IconNew Features & Tips
Icon15045 Copy As Spreadsheet To Clipboard in Stock Documents
Icon15043 Smart Search in General Maintenance
Icon15043 Copy Value of Previous Row
Icon15043 Other Options in Stock Reports
Icon15042 Allow Duplicate Your PO No
Icon15041 Negative Serial Number Quantity Inquiry
Icon15041 Filter By Debtor/Creditor Agent
Icon15040 Our Invoice No. in Listings
Icon15040 Calculate Discount On Unit Price
Icon15040 Reverse GL Account Posting
Icon15039 Item Package Purchase Subtotal
Icon15039 Standard Selling Price 2
Icon15039 Maximum Document Number Control
Icon15039 Search Debtor/Creditor by Address
Icon15039 Extra Discount Amount
Icon15039 Bonus Point Decimals
Icon15039 Bonus Point Merged with POS
Icon15038 Bank Slip Preview and Print
Icon15037 Enable Auto Popup in Item Lookup Edit
Icon15037 Import From Excel - Item Price Book
Icon15036 Check Database Error Before Backup
Icon15036 New License Feature
Icon15035 BOM Finished Goods Cost Column
Icon15035 Price Category Item Code
Icon15035 Reset Negative Stock To 0
Icon15035 Change Item UOM Rate
Icon15035 Consolidated Financial Report
Icon15034 Date field in Multi-Dimensional Analysis
Icon15034 Serial Number Quantity Not Match Inquiry
Icon15034 Item Package Purchase Price
Icon15034 Canceled Status in Document Item Transaction Listing
Icon15033 Tax Export Country field for IRAS
Icon15033 Show Unit Price in Multi-Dimensional Purchase Analysis
Icon15032 Barcode Editing in Express edition
Icon15032 Debtor Control Account in Import Debtor From Excel
Icon15032 Item Package with Serial No.
Icon15032 Can Edit Post To GL/Stock
Icon15032 Column Layout Control
Icon15031 Import From Excel
Icon15031 Back Order Control for each Item
Icon15030 Define Your GST Tax Reporting Currency
Icon15030 Rounding Adjustment (5-Cent) in CS/Invoice
Icon15030 To show Company Name in both Chinese and English
Icon15028 GL Posting Options
Icon15028 Withholding Tax
Icon15027 Reset Foreign Currency Revaluation
Icon15025 Express Invoicing
Icon15022 Online License Request
Icon15021 AutoCount Accounting 64-bit
Icon15021 Access Rights of DO - View Price
Icon15020 Multiple UOM with same UOM rate
Icon15018 P & L Multi Level By Account Type
Icon15017 Edit Master Data
Icon15015 Stock Aging Report 24 Months
Icon15012 Item Search function in Item Code selector
Icon13508 Load Data Option
Icon13308 Post To GL for several documents
Icon13506 Credit Control in Cash Sale
Icon13506 Specify date of Opening Stock item
Icon13506 Activity Stream
Icon13506 AP Document Numbering
Icon13506 GST Updates
Icon13502 Context Sensitive Help
Icon13326 Trial Balance with BF
Icon13325 New Credit Terms
Icon13321 GST updates
Icon13320 Credit Limit Increment Percentage by User
Icon13221 Auto-detect Setup File
Icon13219 Data Entry By Past Records
Icon13219 Low Quantity Stock Prompt
Icon13218 Item Search: Google-like search
Icon13218 Login Option

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